Dear All;

We are all under attack by illegal forces, there are assassinations, poisoning, manipulation and many shame crimes; the author of the crimes are able to kill the entire world to hide this case.

The first thing to do in face of these aggressions is talking and investigating and mobilizing the legal forces around the world as the authorities and organizations.

The author of the crimes are influential, they block the authorities and the international organizations as the United Nations to do its work in the universal standards.

I contacted a lot of times the authorities and the organizations around the world; I asked a help to investigate and stop the genocide by applying the universal standards, law and the rules of ethics.

Unfortunately, no one did what is necessary to stop the genocide and in the same time the author of the crimes continue their crimes, aggressions and attacks.

Dear All;

I ask you in the first step to talk about this genocide and investigating and asking information and reports from the national and international authorities and organizations as the United Nations, the INTERPOL, the FBI, the White House, the Kremlin, the Elysée, the Federal Police of Germany, the U.S. Department of Justice and Ministry of Justice of Russia, the office of Attorney General of USA, Australia, Russia, Canada, France and UK.

I ask you to open debates and discussions and giving recommendations and launching calls for the resolution of this case and publishing the truth about the crimes and their authors in your websites and forums.

Everyday there are a lot of victims because of this case, not only in Algeria but around the world; we must stop that IMMEDIATELY.

I launch this ALERT not only for me and my safety but for the good and the safety of my people, for all people around the world and for the entire humanity; I need you to help me everyone in his position; Magistrate, authorities, journalists, organizations, scientists and

You can give a name to this case:


Please take this call in HIGH PRIORITY. Let’s talk about that now.

Please contact the United Nations to handle this case and make an
URGENT resolution for it.

Best regards.



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